How online classes work

Students at Elevation Prep Academy go to school online using our robust learning management system that hosts online courses and course management tools for students, teachers, and parents. Students use the learning management system to:

  • Access their courses

  • Take assessments

  • Review grades

  • Manage their course schedule

  • Interact with peers in online community


This platform provides them with a single place to access any information related to their academic life at EPA.


How Class Sessions Work


All EPA classes are conducted using a combination of asynchronous and synchronous (or "real time") components—the combinations may vary based on the course.

Courses contain asynchronous reading, activities, assessments, and videos, as well as synchronous “live” sessions conducted by the teacher at predefined times. Many of these sessions are recorded so that students can “attend” if they miss a session, or review all or part again, if needed.


Central to these synchronous sessions is the online classroom software our teacher’s use, which includes a whiteboard for live online instruction, multi-student discussion and collaboration, and space for instructional slides, as well as file and video sharing. This technology enables teachers and students to conduct a live virtual discussion as if they were in a physical classroom.

Our faculty members also use this online classroom for office hours, tutorials, one-on-one sessions, as well as for parent-teacher conferences.

How important is your high school diploma 

How important is your High School Diploma?
Do not underestimate the importance of an online high school diploma. Given today’s cutthroat competition in the corporate world, graduating high school is the most important step you can take toward securing a bright future. Is it any surprise that working professionals today are increasingly looking for online learning avenues to go back to school and earn their online high school diploma?

As parents, you need to help your child understand the importance of a good education and as students; you need to understand that there is no substitute for a good education. At Forest Trail Academy, we believe in helping students build a strong foundation for their future and continually encourage them to look at their education as a lifelong learning process.