Our aim is to transform the lives of students from all across the globe. We are passionate about changing the lives of youth through sports development. Elevation Prep Academy combines leadership, structure with self-reliance, discipline with discovery, and a firm hand with a warm heart. Our curriculum challenges the brightest students and encourages those who are uninspired or experiencing difficulty in their current academic setting. Our meticulously structured and nurturing environment is the opportunity for students to redefine themselves in very positive ways. Attending Elevation Prep Academy is the motivation your child needs to become a future leader.

Our independent private school accepts athletically talented students in grades 9– 12

 seeking an elite sports preparatory program. Students motivated to prepare for a life in which they can contribute significantly, responsibly, and respectfully in a global society. We are commitment to deliver world-class, individualized sports development with the singular goal to help each student reach his or her true, personal potential. Students seeking admission to top tier universities will benefit from Elevation Prep Academy outstanding prep curriculum and extensive sports development training, and personalized step-by-step college counseling. Our online curriculum is monitored and supported by educators that are selected based on deep expertise in their disciplines and are trained to teach online courses and provide individual attention to each of our students.

EPA students work with each other, instructors, counselors, and academic advisers to achieve their goals. Beyond academics, students also engage in multiple clubs, share their interests, passions, and ideas, and support each other through online discussions and group projects. The success of this school will be evident every day in the academic stimulation that students experience, as they are challenged to reach their highest potential and follow our school’s tradition.

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