Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

The academic experience at A prepares students for college and beyond by delivering rigorous, engaging courses that allows students to become thoughtful, critical, and reflective students with the highest degree of integrity.

Our instructors educate and inspire students to value hard work, to love learning, to be compassionate, to have integrity, and to uphold high personal expectations. Through intensive, interactive online instruction, the EPA experience prepares students to contribute significantly, responsibly, and respectfully in a global society.


In addition to the core curriculum, EPA also offers students an opportunity to pursue their interests. Upper classman can declare an area of concentration: science and technology, entrepreneurship, liberal arts, or design their own. In addition, all students take the unique, four year-long Journeys Symposium.


At Elevation Prep Academy, we provide our students with engaging, challenging, and innovative curriculum  that prepares them for the academics at top-tier colleges and universities.


EPA uses best-in-class curriculum renowned for its rigorous, research-driven design, compelling interactivity, ease-of-use, and integrated blend of online content with hands-on materials and outstanding books.

We offer a complete portfolio of college preparatory courses, including challenging Honors and Advanced Placement courses that inspire high levels of thinking and allow students to deepen their knowledge in particular disciplines. Our curriculum:

  • Provides a broad foundation in English, math, science, history, and world languages

  • Develops critical and creative thinking

  • Stresses competence in oral and written communication, as well as quantitative operations

  • Stimulates intellectual independence and curiosity

Electives and the Concentration Option

At EPA our goal is to create leaders in all aspects of like . So with thiss thought in mind we try to cater the electives toward leadership courses depending on what the career objective is of each individual student. We strive to be a leadership and life skills academy.