Mission Statement

We provide a positive student centered environment in which student athletes will participate in high school varsity team sports which emphasize a commitment to excellence in the classroom as well as the athletes' particular sport.  We provide student athletes with life-long lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, ethical behavior, perseverance, commitment, loyalty, self-discipline, accomplishment, cooperation, healthy living, responsibility, and leadership skills.

                                                                                             Short Term Vision   

EPA desires to improve in all areas of function and to adequately provide the leadership and  direction for each member team; increase awareness of the EPA program among all home  school groups in the metropolitan area; design and develop a web-site that serves the homeschool  community in regards to the EPA sports programs.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy and operational structure of Elevation Prep Academy offers alternative solutions to the educational needs for individuals in unique circumstances who wish to earn an accredited online high school diploma.

Rigorous academic curriculum and vocationally oriented programs are provided via a self-paced, student-centered method. These educational programs are aligned with the college preparatory and career-oriented curriculum of traditional schools and are attentive to the various learning styles of students.

Our students learn by means of online or correspondence. The educational environment designed for each student is accessibility, efficacy, constructive, nurturing, and tailored to individual needs. Discipline content areas focus on self-paced academic instruction, career growth, and personal development.

Elevation Prep Academy’s Student Advisors assist each student to evaluate educational, career and personal goals in order to create a learning path that accommodates his or her individual academic needs. A basic belief of the school is that all students can become life-long learners. Therefore, committed to excellence, the school provides high quality teachers who are able to challenge students with critical thinking concepts. We are aware that many of our students do not fit into the ‘traditional’ school system. Thus, the goal of Elevation Prep Academy is to continue to enhance our alternative solutions to the innovative methods of individual learning styles.

We are also cognizant that many students who enroll in Elevation Prep Academy may be dealing with life situations, which may present obstacles to their academic performance. We aspire to be encourager, motivator, and supporter of these students. We offer a structured, yet flexible learning environment that promotes academic success.

Elevation Prep Academy’s philosophy is an exceptional educational philosophy that applies academic skills to real-world situations. Our teams will compete under the team name of ‘Elevation Prep Academy’, and academics will  be determined by the parent. The parent can locate any online NCAA certified school, attend public school, or homeschool the athlete. We do not offer classes on campus.

Our History